New Features Released

An API, upgraded checklists and template folders, a new account overview in beta, and a new feedback platform

During the keynote the immediate availability of five new features was announced:

  • An API, allowing programmatic access to CxAlloy data.
  • General availability of our checklist upgrade, which makes it easier to manage and report on your checklists.
  • Template folders, easing the challenge of organizing large template libraries (template folders are only available within accounts and projects that have performed the checklist upgrade).
  • An account overview (currently in beta), giving quick insight into project progress without having to click into individual projects.
  • A feedback platform, providing customers a stronger voice in letting us know what features are most important.

See the New Features

Future Features Announced

See what's in store

In addition to the new features we released at the conference, we also announced a number of planned features for 2019. You can see these features, and details about them, under the "Planned" tag on the new customer feedback platform.

From answering multiple checklists simultaneously to tools for marking up photos we think you'll be excited about our 2019 roadmap.

CxAlloy FM Integration Demonstrated

Transfer asset data into operations at the touch of a button

During the conference we demonstrated migrating asset data from a CxAlloy TQ project into our facility maintenance software, CxAlloy FM.

With one click you can bring all your asset data - equipment, equipment types, systems, spaces, floors, and buildings - into CxAlloy FM. The migration will also bring over associated files, such as O&M manuals, that were uploaded to those assets.

Even better, CxAlloy FM will detect the types of equipment being imported and automatically created recommended scheduled maintenance for common types such as air handlers, boilers, and chillers.

This integration is built on the foundation of our new TQ API and version 2.0 of CxAlloy FM. This integration will be available in Spring 2019. We look forward to providing more details as the release nears.

New Insights

Great presentations from our customers

The presentations from our customers were wonderful. Whether it was about using CxAlloy TQ for file sharing, coordinating room signage, or extracting cross-project metrics, we learned a lot from these presentations.

Not only that, but there was a great feeling of community as everyone shared their experiences, for which we are grateful.

Good Times

From Porsche rides to craft beer (but not at the same time)

We had a lot of fun too! The Porsche ride was definitely exciting, the hotel was really nice, and the food was good. Tuesday night's trip to local craft brewery Arches was a great way to get to know each other in a more casual setting.

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