CxAlloy FMSM

Simple and intuitive facility maintenance


Streamline Your Operations and Maintenance

Easy-to-use preventative and corrective maintenance plus asset management.

Easy Startup

One of the most challenging tasks with organizing a preventative maintenance program is getting started. Large enterprise software applications often contain so much data that many do not move to an online program even if their existing application doesn’t meet their needs. Move your data with ease through import options and assisted setup.


Complex programs may provide an enormous amount of features, but they come at a great cost: money and time. These programs are typically expensive to purchase and hard to use. CxAlloy FM is a simple, easy-to-use application with no hardware or software to manage, helping to streamline building maintenance.

Useful Features

Experienced maintenance managers know features necessary for a robust maintenance program. They need clear work orders that identify the work activities, a schedule showing assignments, and a way for people to request work. Increase your management efficiency with software that adds value where you need it the most.

The Essentials, Done Well

Automated preventative maintenance schedules, configurable maintenance procedures, dead simple work requests, and the reports you need.
Work orders and work order statuses


Use custom workflows to match your current process. Create default equipment types, error codes, and work order statuses to match your organization. Build, import, and customize procedures that include all required materials, tools, and labor. Generate work orders that are clear, concise, and easy to follow. Work orders can even be completed using field mobile devices.

Editing scheduled work orders from the calendar


Maximize labor utilization and increase productivity by scheduling preventive maintenance and inspection activities. Once equipment maintenance schedules are loaded into the system, work orders are automatically generated. Minimize asset downtime by grouping your preventive maintenance activities and inspections together. Ensure that preventive maintenance and inspection tasks are not accidentally missed or forgotten.

Cost reports

Work Order Costs

Manage maintenance and repair costs while predicting trends with integrated reporting. Track labor activities and performance and also monitor your facility to improve your estimates.

Estimating labor with planning dashboard


Real-time tracking allows for improved estimating of cost and labor activities. Monitor your existing inventory stock to maintain appropriate levels. Powerful reporting features help reveal maintenance trends and show repair and labor costs over periods of time.

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