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Reduce Paperwork and Increase Efficiency.

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Simple and Straighforward

CxAlloy FM is an easy-to-use application with no hardware or software to manage, helping you streamline building maintenance. No maintenance fees, no support fees, and no startup fees. CxAlloy FM is tailored to time-constrained maintenance teams that don’t have the time to learn large complicated systems. We make it simple to create and close out work orders.

“Easy to use lists, filters, and printouts have helped us streamline our daily tasks.”

Improve Visibility and Empower Field Staff

See real-time updates online and view complete history of what happened, who did it, and when it occurred. Everyone is empowered to make informed decisions without delays due to unavailable information. Generate work orders that are clear, concise, and easy to follow by including a list of required materials, tools, and labor.

“Being able to quickly see the status and details of work orders saves time and effort for us every day.”
work order screen

Effectively Communicate 
and Increase Efficiency

Know what has been done and what needs to be done. Customizeable notifications keep everyone informed and each user can get a daily summary or follow specific items to get the right information at the right time. Real-time tracking allows for improved estimating of cost and labor activities. Monitor your existing inventory stock to maintain appropriate levels.

“Letting everyone know the status of things can be one of our biggest challenges, but CxAlloy makes it so much easier. We can always see updates in real time.”

Streamline Your Process with Well‑Organized Work Orders

CxAlloy FM consolidates work orders from multiple sources and takes a tailored approach to each. Add common equipment types and we’ll set up standard maintenance schedules. Collect repair maintenance and manage requests from building occupants via email or an online form. Our powerful scheduler helps you maximize labor utilization and increase productivity.

“It's great to be able to take a different approach to the various types of maintenance tasks. Each one has different intricacies that FM helps us manage seamlessly.”
work order screen

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Streamline Your Operations and Maintenance

One of the most challenging tasks with organizing a preventative maintenance program is getting started. Watch our On-Demand demonstration to see the capabilities of CxAlloy FM.

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Explore Our Features

Easy Equipment Import and Schedule Setup

Easily bring in your list of equipment from a spreadsheet or add it manually. As common equipment types are added we’ll set up standard maintenance schedules. Our powerful scheduler helps you maximize labor utilization and increase productivity.

fincident reporting

Flexible and Simple Incident Reporting

Work requests can be submitted via an online form or a custom email address and added directly into the system as work requests. Easily connect requests to work orders and keep projects moving forward.


Best-in-class Scheduler

Our visual scheduler makes it easy to create daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly schedules. Extensive options are available but are only shown when you need them. Be sure your schedule is exactly what you want with the instant calendar preview.


Flexible Report Builder

Our flexible report buildermakes it easy to report on work orders, work requests, equipment, and even labor hours. Group and sort the data in whatever way you want - the report will automatically create charts and graphs based on your selections. When you’re done, export the report to a PDF.


Customizeable Notifications Keep Everyone Informed

Notifications can be customized for each user. Be notified every time a work order is created or simply receive an email notification when you’re assigned a work order. Get as detailed as you would like or subscribe to the daily digest that summarizes the prior day’s activity.


Detailed Permissions for Greater Control

Access levels can be created to allow you more detailed control of what each user can see and edit. You can even limit the statuses that a user can assign to a work order, allowing oversight where needed.


Communicate Efficiently

Every work request is given a dedicated status page that the original requester can visit to view progress and provide additional information through comments. Maintenance teams can likewise make comments, and in both cases the other parties are notified.

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Unlimited File Storage

Each facility has a dedicated “Documents” area where you can upload and store files. In addition, procedures, work orders, and equipment can all have files attached. CxAlloy FM puts no limits on file storage.


Seasonal Scheduling

Our scheduler makes usually challenging seasonal schedules easy. Simply drag the slider to limit the schedule to only part of the year. For more complex seasonal rules, add a second (or third or fourth or…) seasonal variation.

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We’re Here For You

Support that works for you. With unlimited support at no additional cost, you are never working alone. We care about your success and do all we can to facilitate it.