Customer Appreciation Summer

Constantly improving our software is important to us.


Last year we introduced Customer Appreciation Summer to great success, and we are continuing it this year.

During the summer months we release smaller, highly requested features that address those minor annoyances that can be frustrating when encountered every day. New features are released approximately once a week throughout the summer, and all features are pulled entirely from customer requests and include some of our most requested features.

See What We're Working on

A few things we've released so far

Document Viewer

Our first release for 2019’s Customer Appreciation Summer was a big one - a brand-new file viewer with tons of new features, including zooming, searching, text selection and copying, bookmark and thumbnail navigation, and more.

Task Comment Editing

This isn’t the most mind-blowing feature, but it is important. Before this you couldn’t actually edit your task comments. Crazy, right? You could always delete it and re-add it with the needed changes, but let’s be real, that’s a pain. No more!

Multiple Field Observation Comment Photos

This was our second-most-requested feature and I’m so glad we have been able to deliver it. You’ve always been able to attach a photo to a field observation comment, but now you an attach multiple photos. Add as many as you want!

Account Project Adding

For those accounts with tens or hundreds of projects, CxAlloy TQ’s project-centric user management can become laborious. With this feature we’ve alleviated that pain by making it easy to add a user to multiple projects at once.