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What It Is

CxAlloy TQ for Chrome is a web application built for offline use on your tablet. Using cutting-edge web technologies, both the application files and your project data are stored on your device. Syncing runs continuously in the background while you use the app, allowing you to stay productive while out on the field.

On an iPhone or iPad?

Check out the iOS native version.

Why You Should Get It

Stop duplicating work.

Go offline when you go out on the job and sync your data back. Eliminate error-prone transcribing and minimize mistakes by keeping the original data of what actually happened.

Digital data is more powerful.

Paper has its limits. Get the full value out of your work with digital data. Link, export, and report easily on the data you gather in the field.

Features You Need

Meet the demands of working in the field
  • Offline Sync

    Work offline anywhere in the world. Then sync, automatically, when you connect to the internet.

  • Intuitive and Easy

    Breeze through your work with an interface tailored to tablets.

  • Photos

    Take photos with your device to document issues or field observations.

Your Data, Accessible Anywhere

Everything you need when you’re at the job site
  • Issues

    Update and respond to issues in the field.

  • Field Observations

    Report on construction progress and track issues you find.

  • Checklists

    Complete checklists, record notes, and log issues.

  • Tests

    Validate installed equipment and system performance with test procedures.

Add issue on Surface RT

Work without the Internet

Stay productive even when you are offline. Your updates and changes will be synchronized with CxAlloy TQ when you connect back to the Internet. Just focus on the task at hand, and let the software handle the rest.

Project list on Nexus 10 Sidebar menu on Nexus 7

Tackle projects one at a time

Download your current project to your device to manage your project information. Navigate to your project sections from the sidebar and scroll through lists of your project data.

Note You can switch to a different project at any time.

Add issue on Surface RT Issue list on Nexus 7

Seamless issue tracking

With CxAlloy TQ for Chrome, issue tracking is now easier. Create new issues while out on the field. Sort and search through your issues log, then edit your issues. Comment on issues and update status from wherever you are. Take photos at the job site and upload them directly.

Keep your issues log up-to-date and accurate with or without an Internet connection. Your changes will automatically sync to the server the next time you connect to the Internet.

Test list on Surface RT Checklist list on Nexus 7

Save trees and time with checklists and tests

Go paperless with your device and take all your checklists and tests with you. Now you can track and update the statuses of systems and equipment as you go, and add issues as you find them.

Best of all, you only need to do it once. Lines you fill out and statuses you change will sync to the server with no extra effort.

Upload photos on Nexus 10

Direct photo uploading

Take photos with your tablet while you are out on the job. Easily upload them to field observations or issues. Then let CxAlloy TQ for Chrome take care of the syncing — no need for cords or wires.

How It Works

  1. 1 Download the application.

    Using Google Chrome, go to m.cxalloy.com/tq or download the iOS version.

  2. 2 Download your project.

    Before you go offline, be sure to download your data to your device!

  3. 3 Get to work!

    Now that your data is downloaded, take your data anywhere, even offline.

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