CxAlloy TQSM

Streamlined & COBie compliant commissioning software

Everything You Need

From issues to checklists, equipment to custom reports, we’ve got you covered.
  • Equipment

    Organize project equipment by type and system. Add attributes related to equipment.

  • Locations

    Create buildings, floors, zones, and spaces. Connect anything to its location.

  • Issues

    Create issues to record deficiencies. Set statuses and priorities.

  • Reviews

    Capture reviews of design documents, submittals, O&M manuals, and more.

  • Field Observations

    Report on observations and on progress of on-site construction activities.

  • Checklists

    Complete checklists for systems and equipment installed during the construction phase.

  • Tests

    Validate installed equipment and system performance with test procedures.

  • Reports

    Generate customized progress reports or final reports as beautiful PDF documents.

Powerful Features

We spent years studying what commissioning firms need to succeed and incorporated that knowledge into CxAlloy TQ.


Show off. Best-in-class reports are beautiful, crisp, and superbly functional. Embedded documents, internal links, and automatically generated bookmarks mean you’ll look like you have a full-time administrative staff without needing one.

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Customize issue statuses

Customize & Standardize

Take control. Create custom workflows that move issues, checklists, and tests through statuses you define. Create a library of checklist and test templates specific to your company. Standardize your configuration so all projects enforce your process.

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Checklist lines on iPad Issue navigation on iPad mini

Work Offline

Ditch paper. Add and manage issues, complete checklists and tests, and upload photos — all without an internet connection. Through our offline-enabled iPad web app you can take a picture of that malfunctioning boiler and add it to an issue even without a single bar of cell signal. Next time you have a connection, your photo (and everything else) will be synced. Automatically.

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Activity and item history


Know more. Know what happened, who did it, and when it occurred. See complete history of an issue, checklist, test, or anything else in your project. See a complete history of activity for anyone on the project. Filter activity by person, type, or section.

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Permissions table


Work together. Granular permissions ensure that each team member only sees what they need to see. Turn off entire sections — now contractors can focus on only what they need to do. Selectively grant edit permissions to individuals for issues, checklists, tests, or other items. When you have the tools to control each team member’s access, you’re empowered to invite everyone to work together, getting your work done faster and more efficiently.

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Project dashboard


Make decisions. See project status in a glance. Monitor issue, checklist, test, and equipment progress through interactive charts. Break down data by status, priority, type, and more. Instantly jump to the underlying data with a click.

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Activity email


Stay informed. Get daily summary reports of activity. Or, choose to “watch” an issue, equipment, or any item in your project and get updated when that item is edited, commented on, or changes status.

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