CxAlloy TQSM

Understand the overall status of your projects and make decisions based on analytics


Make decisions. See project status in a glance. Monitor issue, checklist, test, and equipment progress through interactive charts. Break down data by status, priority, type, and more. Instantly jump to the underlying data with a click.
The dashboard allows you to view overall project status at a glance

Built for commissioning. Just like everything else in CxAlloy TQ, the project dashboard is built for commissioning. The dashboard highlights the most important aspects of a commissioning project: checklist status, test status, and issue status.

The dashboard includes the average lifespan of an issue from creation to close

Time to close. CxAlloy will automatically calculate the average time it takes to close an issue across all your issues.

View a summary of statuses across the project

Project status at a glance. Each project includes a dashboard that displays current status across key metrics.

View the most up-to-date data when you load the project dashboard

Real-time information. The project dashboard always reflects current data, so the issues your team member closed in the morning will be included when you check the dashboard before your lunch meeting.

Easily identify the assets and discplines with the most issues

Highlight problems. The dashboard will draw attention to the top five assets with the most issues as well as the top five disciplines with the most issues.

View additional breakdowns by status, discipline, and priority

Dive deeper. Dedicated tabs for checklists, issues, tests, and equipment provide additional breakdowns, including breakdowns by status, discipline, and priority.

Focus on what’s left by ignoring what’s already been closed

Ignore what’s done. When viewing issue breakdowns, choose to exclude closed issues and focus on what’s left.

Historically graphing issue status over time helps you visualize your progress

Gain perspective. A historical graph of issue statuses over time helps you visualize your progress on closing issues. Are you creating issues faster than you can close them? Are too many issues falling into a “Pending” status? Easily identify these problems visually.

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