CxAlloy TQSM

Bring in your existing process with customization and standardization

Customize and Standardize

Take control. Create custom workflows that move issues, checklists, and tests through statuses you define. Set permissions on statuses — create a workflow that requires a supervisor to approve a checklist before it’s complete, or a quality manager to review an issue before it’s closed. And you can customize more than just statuses — priorities, systems, types, and more are customizable.
Customize statuses

Implement your process. CxAlloy TQ strives to increase the efficiency of your process, not impose ours. That’s why issue, checklist, test, and equipment statuses can all be customized to reflect your process and your language. Whether you have a simple two-step flow of “Open” to “Closed,” or a complex, multiple verification process, CxAlloy TQ can handle it.

Customize projects from default settings

Custom projects. Not every project is the same. It’s great to have a standard, but what do you do when the needs of a project dictate some deviations? CxAlloy has you covered. All projects start from your defined defaults, but the settings on each project can also be configured independently. Want to use equipment statuses to track equipment condition on a retro commissioning job? Easy, just make the change for that one project.

Checklist and test templates

Your checklist and test templates. We start you out with a small set of checklist and test templates just to get you going, but then we hand you the keys. Create, edit, and delete your templates as you see fit. You are in complete control of the content.

Track your equipment

Your equipment. Whatever equipment is on the job, you can track it. Chilled beams? Geothermal system? CxAlloy TQ lets you create whatever equipment, equipment types, and systems you need.

Reorder priorities

Custom priorities. Your organization may have a nuanced understanding of priority. CxAlloy TQ can be tailored to include your full range of priorities (even if that range is “FIVE ALARM URGENT” to just “URGENT”).

Manage status permissions

Restrict statuses. You don’t want contractors closing out your issues, and with CxAlloy TQ, you can ensure that only you and those you designate have the ability to select certain statuses. Because any status can be restricted, you can do more than just prevent outsiders from closing issues. You can also implement complex approval and verification workflows that enforce your process.

Include custom attributes

Custom attributes. One of the incredible features of CxAlloy TQ is the ability to track equipment attributes. Attributes can include anything from model numbers and manufacturers to brake horsepower, airflows, and temperature setpoints. Of course, we can’t possibly predict everything you might want track, so you can create your own custom attributes to track any equipment information you want. Your custom attributes are fully integrated into our attribute system, meaning you can both import custom attribute data and gather it through checklists and tests using our unique and powerful “linked attribute” technology.

Improve over time

Improve over time. Every project starts with the defaults that you configure. Over time, you may adopt new approaches or drop old ones. CxAlloy TQ can adapt with you. Change your defaults to incorporate new best practices, and every new project going forward will start with those. Your completed projects won’t change so you’ll never lose your history.

Customize types, disciplines, remarks, and more

Even more customizations. Checklist, field observation, and review types; disciplines; signature lines; remarks; and roles. Standardize these for your account defaults or customize them per project. You have the control.

Standardize your customizations or customize your standards

Standardize your customizations. Or it is customize your standards? However you describe it, CxAlloy TQ ensures your process is implemented across all your projects.

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