CxAlloy TQSM

History lets you know more about your project


Know more. Know what happened, who did it, and when it occurred. See complete history of an issue, checklist, test, or anything else in your project. See a complete history of activity for anyone on the project. Filter activity by person, type, or section.
History log

Every change. Every time a record is created, modified, or deleted, CxAlloy TQ records who made the change, when they made the change, and what the change was.

Recent activity

Home highlights. See key recent activity across the projects you belong to, across any date range.

User history

Keep tabs. See the complete history of activity for any user in the system.

History section opening

Issues, checklists, and more. From initial issue creation to the final status change, know who, what, and when it happened when you view the History section of any record.

Daily activity page

Daily review. Use the project activity section to view activity day-by-day. Filter down to only certain individuals, sections, or actions.

Undo action

Correct mistakes. Try as we might, we’re not perfect. That’s why we built undo into CxAlloy TQ. Whether it’s adding a comment or batch deleting 500 checklists, you can recover with undo.

Email notifications

History-powered notifications. Because our powerful notification system is built from each change in history, you can be confident that you’ll never miss an update.

History log

Print history. Optionally print item history and include it as a part of your reports.

Account history

Account-wide. View activity across all projects in the company with the account dashboard.

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