CxAlloy TQSM

Set permissions on your projects and work together with confidence


Work together. Granular permissions ensure that each team member only sees what they need to see. Turn off entire sections — now contractors can focus on only what they need to do. Selectively grant editing permissions to individuals for issues, checklists, tests, or other items. When you have the tools to control each team member’s access, you’re empowered to invite everyone to work together, getting your work done faster and more efficiently.
Limit actions, buttons, and even sections that participants can see

Only what’s needed. Project participants only see what you give them access to. Actions, buttons, and even entire sections are hidden based on the permissions you grant. Because of this, the application becomes simpler for contractors or others you restrict.

Select permissions from presets and modify as needed

Easy setup with presets. The downside to detailed permissions can be uncertainty about what the appropriate permissions for a given person should be. CxAlloy TQ provides recommended permission sets for the general contractor, subcontractors, the design team, owner, and more. User them as-is or as a starting point and then refine and necessary.

Add collaborators to your drafts

Collaborate on drafts. Our field observation reports and reviews start as drafts. Drafts are only visible to the author, allowing you to fine-tune the language and make sure everything is correct before publishing it for the whole team to view. And even better, you have the option to invite specific individuals to collaborate on your draft reports before publishing.

Granular permissions cover the common tasks

Just specific enough. Some software can overwhelm you with options that are more detailed that you need. Others don’t give you enough. CxAlloy TQ has been tuned over time to provide just the right options. For example, our “Respond” permission covers the common tasks performed by contractors, avoiding the need to select and permit each one of those actions individually.

Set account administrators

Account administrators. You don’t want the CEO to be unable to access a project just because he hasn’t been added to it. By making someone an account administrator, he or she has full access to all projects in the account. An account can have as many account administrators as you want.

View History section

History tracking. Even if someone was given permission to do something you wish they hadn’t, you can always see what they did.

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Manage status permissions

Restrict statuses. Although you may want members of the project team to be able to change the status of issues, checklists, or tests, you may have certain statuses (such as “Closed” or “Resolved”) that you want to reserve for yourself. CxAlloy TQ enables you to restrict a status so that only certain individuals, companies, or roles (or any combination thereof) can set it.

Protect account template library

Control your template library. Your global template library can only be modified by account administrators, so you can be sure that the standards you establish through your templates are not lost through careless edits by others.

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