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Reports help you show off with beautiful and highly functional deliverables


Show off. Best-in-class reports are beautiful, crisp, and superbly functional. Embedded documents, internal links, and automatically generated bookmarks mean you’ll look like you have a full-time administrative staff without needing one.
Sections with PDFs

PDF anything. Nearly all content in CxAlloy TQ can generate a beautiful PDF with one click. Issues, checklists, tests, field observations, design and construction reviews, progress reports, equipment, systems, locations, and more.

Embed uploaded PDFs

Embed other files. Any file that you upload as a PDF can be output as part of the generated PDF. This unmatched functionality makes it incredibly easy to build final commissioning reports and system manuals.

PDF preferences

Select your format. List view or detail view, with related issues or without. Print a blank checklist or test form at any time. Even include the complete history of the item! We let you decide what to include in your print.

PDF title page

Choose what to include. CxAlloy TQ offers powerful filtering, searching, and sorting options, and all of those options carry over to your PDFs. Send out an issues log showing only open or in progress issues connected to an air handling unit, sorted by priority. The PDF button always prints exactly what you are looking at.

Branded PDFs

Your brand. Customize with both a project-specific logo and your company logo. Both the header and footer logos can be customized. Big client? Use their logo in the header. Want to promote your brand? Use your logo. The client never needs to see the CxAlloy logo.

Bookmarks sidebar in PDF viewer

Automatic bookmarks. When using our report generator, bookmarks are created for you. If you’ve sorted the report, we’ll create nested bookmarks.

Jump to linked item

Relational PDF. Our report generator will create links between relevant items. Clicking on a link will jump directly to another item in the PDF.

Export data as CSV

Export too. Just need the raw data? You can also export anything as a .csv file.

Photos in various reports

Include photos. Pictures of equipment, issues, or site progress are easy to include in your reports. Upload your photos to an item, such as an issue or field observation, etc. to include them.

Common PDF applications

Full PDF functionality. Even with all these great features, the PDFs generated by CxAlloy TQ are still standard PDFs. You can edit them in any PDF program, such as Adobe Acrobat or OS X Preview.

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