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Time Savings with CxAlloy

Save Time, Save Money

Commissioning practices can be optimized using CxAlloy’s proven technology so you can spend more time with clients, and less time managing spreadsheets. Complete checklist and tests, respond to issues, and record field reports digitally. No more double work.

“We save time in every aspect of the job. The time we’ve saved on reporting alone has made a huge impact on our bottom line.”

Take Everything With You

Capture real-time updates when and where the work is completed in our mobile app. No internet connection? No problem. Work offline and sync when you get back online.

“Having my data available everywhere I go is essential to getting the work done. And knowing when issues arise, allows me to check in on it before I leave the job site.”

Seamlessly Communicate and Move Projects Forward

Real-time status visibility and automatic notifications keep everyone on the same page. Everyone is empowered to make informed decisions without delays due to unavailable information.

“CxAlloy TQ has allowed my team to communicate more effectively and keep things moving even when we are scattered across the worksite.”

Customizable and
Time‑Saving Reports

Robust filtering and sorting capabilities allow you to quickly build any report you need. Final report creation can be reduced by as much as 80% using our tools.

“We used to spend many hours compiling and updating reports, but with CxAlloy, the reports are easy to set up and customize to each client. If we need to run them multiple times, it’s a breeze.”


Get In. Get Done. Get Home.

Optimize your commissioning practices using CxAlloy’s proven technology so you can spend more time with clients, and less time managing spreadsheets.


Explore Our Features

Highly Customizable

Not every project is the same. Create custom workflows, templates, priorities, and much more. All projects start from your defined defaults, but each project can also be configured independently. You have the control.

Field Observations Completed in the Field

Type up field observations digitally and attach photos. Get the full value out of your work with digital data. Link, export, and report easily on the data you gather in the field.

Complete Checklists and Tests Where You Work

Tasks are edited right in the application so updates are available immediately for the whole team. CxAlloy TQ is more reliable and powerful than manual spreadsheets.

Your Data, Accessible Anywhere

Work offline and sync later. Document work as you are doing it. Complete checklists and tests, add and manage issues, write up field reports and add photos, all without an internet connection. Next time you are connected, everything will be synced automatically.

Tailored Reports

Enhanced filtering and sorting capabilities allow you to build the reports you need with ease. Embedded documents, internal links, and automatically generated bookmarks mean you’ll look like you have a full-time administrative staff without needing one.

View History and Manage Permissions

See complete history of an issue, checklist, test, or anything else in your project. Granular Permission control empowers you to invite everyone to work together and each user only sees what they need without additional clutter.

Pull real-time data from CxAlloy using Integrations

Pull your project data into Procore, enterprise dashboards, and other software, analyze and archive data, or do something we haven’t even thought of yet using our API. Read more about integrations here.

Draw and place text on images and PDFs

Add circles, rectangles, arrows, text, and freeform drawings when viewing images and PDFs. Circles and rectangles automatically create thumbnail images as callouts that can be viewed and included in reports.

Scan labels and record nameplate data with a tap

Now it’s easy to capture accurate label information. No typing needed. Simply take a photo of equipment labels with your iPhone or iPad camera, then tap the recognized text to record instant, accurate data.

Free Training

Free monthly training sessions are open to all users. Plus, up to 4 hours of one-on-one training is included with every CxAlloy account.

Custom Branding

Upload your logo to the header and footer in all reports and have your logo appear on the site so users see your logo instead of ours.

Easy Photo Upload

Effortlessly attach images to issues, field observations or right from your device and attach directly to the related task or item.


Work faster and smarter with CxAlloy TQ for iOS.

With or without a data connection, CxAlloy TQ for iOS enables you to stay productive while in the field. Manage issues, complete checklists and tests, save notes and upload photos where the work is done and sync automatically once you’re back online.

We’re Here For You

Support that works for you. With unlimited support at no additional cost, you are never working alone. We care about your success and do all we can to facilitate it.