CxAlloy User Conference

November 12-14

CxAlloy TQSM

Commissioning software that integrates with BIM

CxAlloy FMSM

Simple and intuitive facility maintenance

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CxAlloySM is cloud-based software that ensures building quality from laying the foundation through daily operations.

The Design Phase

Use CxAlloy TQ to develop a commissioning plan and collaboratively review designs.

Schematic Designs & Design Documents

Smiling architect

Review designs and comment on drawings as you update your design documents through individual reviews. Use your design reviews to capture issues in a single log, allowing you to better communicate and collaborate with the responsible parties.

Construction Documents


Maintain and communicate any issues found in construction documents by capturing them in design reviews. Create your project assets, such as equipment, systems, and locations, or import them from BIM. Develop asset checklists and test procedures in preparation for the construction phase using your template library. Generate a commissioning plan with all your deliverables.

The Construction Phase

Track site visits, project progress, and functional testing with CxAlloy TQ. Quickly develop checklists and tests for completion in the field.

Submittal Reviews

Record reviews of equipment submittals and track all issues in one list. Organize submittals by asset for future System Manual deliverables.

Building Rough-In

Building frame

Keep a record of your site visits and commissioning meetings by documenting them as field observations. Monitor issues you find through each field observation. Include report comments to document site progress.

Systems Startup

Gauge reading

Complete asset checklists to document installation and startup. Upload and review third party testing and inspections. Deliver real-time status updates and schedule future functional testing.

Data Collection

Checking and recording data

Use advanced asset collection checklists to record important data in the field. Organize the data by asset and provide a standardized export for building operations.

Functional Testing

Testing equipment

Test systems and equipment with customized templates. Keep track of your progress in testing. Identify functional failures and distribute them to the team. Retest assets as appropriate and keep a dedicated list of all failures.

Owner Training & Turnover

Reviewing information on tablet

Document all owner training and organize important materials by asset. Review all required submittals and track identified issues. Use the information collected to assist the building owner and operations staff in maintaining the facility.


Generate and distribute periodic progress reports of all commissioning activities. Customize each report to highlight current activities and forecast dependencies.

Once the commissioning processes have been completed, provide a detailed report of all activities. Include all third-party files, issues, test, checklists, or any other report concerning quality. Organize information by asset, with bookmarks and hyperlinks to upgrade the traditional report delivery.

The Operations Phase

Schedule preventative maintenance, manage support tickets, and monitor assets and inventory with CxAlloy FM. Predict trends and track performance to improve estimates.

Maintenance & Management

Work order management

Manage your facilities and schedule work orders for preventative maintenance. Respond to work requests from building occupants with ease. Keep track of supplies with inventory management.

Tracking & Reporting


Improve estimates of cost and labor activities and performance with real-time tracking. Discover trends in maintenance through powerful reporting features.

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