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About CxAlloy

CxAlloy is a software solutions provider for the built environment, helping thousands of customers all over the world deliver better quality buildings, improve operations, and quickly adapt to changes in business demands. CxAlloy offers enterprise applications engineered for design and construction project management, commissioning, building maintenance, and energy and sustainability management. These applications work together to provide a rich user experience balanced with flexible options for workflow management.

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Key Facts

  • Over 1000 buildings
  • More than 60,000 issues in 2012
  • Approximately 31% average time savings
  • Commercial start 2008 with Dell
  • Certifications 2013 COBie challenge
  • Over $14 billion construction value
  • Our History

    CxAlloy was originally developed to manage projects for a commissioning and consulting firm. The database application was first used as a way of managing design and construction issues and printing reports. After their internal implementation, we realized that our quality management tool could do so much more for the built environment than just improve the engineering process better; we could improve the experience for architects, general contractors, and operations and maintenance staff too, all while saving the building owners money and making oversight easier. The suite of CxAlloy products was thus born!

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