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About CxAlloy

CxAlloy is a software solutions provider for the built environment, helping thousands of customers all over the world deliver better quality buildings, reduce overhead, and improve operations. CxAlloy offers enterprise applications engineered for design and construction quality management, commissioning, and ongoing building maintenance.

Our History

CxAlloy was originally developed to manage projects for a commissioning and consulting firm. People kept asking whether they could use the same tools, and after getting the question enough times we realized we could bring something of real value to the industry. In 2011 and 2012 we rebuilt both CxAlloy TQ and CxAlloy FM to be used by a wider audience. Since then we've continually worked to make them more capable, faster, and easier to use.

Key Facts

  • Over 10,000 projects
  • More than 280,000 issues in 2017
  • Approximately 31% average time savings
  • Commercial start 2008 with Dell
  • Certifications 2013 COBie challenge
  • Over 1 million checklists
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