Assigning and Managing Appropriate User Permissions on CxAlloy

Tuesday, April 16 • 12pm ET / 9am PT / 4pm GMT

Join us, along with our esteemed guest BVPI, for an insightful one-hour webinar. Managing user permissions in CxAlloy, especially when involving engineers, subcontractors, and colleagues, can be intricate. Learn from the expertise of BVPI, a renowned leader in the data center industry, as we explore strategies for optimal user permission management. CxAlloy can play a pivotal role in productivity and efficiency. However, the success of CxAlloy can rely on components often overlooked – user permissions. This presentation discusses the importance of assigning appropriate user permissions and the far-reaching implications it has on data integrity and overall efficiency.
Guest Speaker
Jonathan Parsons
Operations Manager
Bureau Veritas Primary Integration, Inc.

Over 24 years of experience in management, maintenance, setup, monitoring, and repair of Electrical and Electronic systems supporting Data Systems in critical environments and applications.

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