First COBie Compliant Commissioning Software


We are excited to share with you our latest news! CxAlloy Total Quality (TQ) has achieved COBie compliance as a result of our participation in the National Institute of Building Sciences’ COBie Challenge. CxAlloy TQ is the first and only software to include commissioning issues as part of full COBie compliance, and we are proud to share this accomplishment with you!

By achieving COBie compliance, CxAlloy TQ is even more useful for everyone involved in the design, construction, commissioning and operations of a building. CxAlloy TQ now allows for easy import of other COBie compliant data and quick export in the same format. By integrating with COBie, we have removed the barriers to communication and data sharing from design to construction to operations.

This latest free upgrade provides for an easier, more intuitive, and more productive user experience.  Our goal is to continuously improve our software to ensure that we are the best in the field.

For more information about COBie please see our website here or read the full press release here.

Kirk Maxey, CCP, QCP
Director of CxAlloy
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