Template Builder 


Introducing the “Template Builder” – A Game Changer for Efficient Template Creation!

Launched in May 2024, the “Template Builder” is now available on CxAlloy, offering a revolutionary way to save time when creating new Checklist and Test templates.

Born from a customer request for a commissioning component library, the Template Builder has evolved into a powerful tool that eliminates the need for cumbersome Excel manipulation. Whether at the account level or individual project level, users can now easily take an existing template and extract the desired line items into a new, customized template.

By streamlining the template creation process, faster and more efficient multi-layered checklist development can be enabled for a variety of project management teams. 

The Template Builder allows users to create concise and comprehensive checklist templates that are specific to components of a system/equipment. Once these templates have been developed, Template Builder allows for these detailed checklists to be compiled together into a complex and more accurate overall checklist. Each checklist can then be assigned to specific stakeholders. 

Before, generic templates may have been applied to a wide variety of similar units that may or may not have applied to the checklist lines. Now with Template Builder, the team can make checklists in a quicker format with better results. 

Overall, this feature is intended to give users the capability to create accurate checklists for each commissioning project by selecting the specific checklist components that are required for that project.  

Figure 1: Multiple Checklist Templates for Air Handling Units

Practical Example:

Air Handling Units (AHUs) often have custom configurations that can include various fans, heating and cooling types, number of air filters, and sensor types. With the Template Builder, you can create multiple succinct checklists or test templates and then combine them to meet the specific requirements of each air handling unit.

Example 1: AHU-1 (Air Handling Unit with Supply and Return, Hydronic Heating Only)

This checklist template includes:

– General Checks – Checklist

– Supply Fan – Checklist

– Return Fan – Checklist

– Hydronic Heating Coil – Checklist

– Unit Electrical – Checklist

– Hydronic Plumbing – Checklist

By using the Template Builder, these individual checklists can be combined into a comprehensive template or assigned individually to subcontractors responsible for each aspect of AHU-1.

Example 2: AHU-2 (Air Handling Unit with Supply and Exhaust, Hydronic Cooling & Gas Fired Heating)

This checklist template includes:

– General Checks – Checklist

– Supply Fan – Checklist

– Exhaust Fan – Checklist

– Hydronic Cooling Coil – Checklist

– Gas Fired Heating – Checklist

– Unit Electrical – Checklist

– Hydronic Plumbing – Checklist

Similarly, these individual checklists can be bundled using the Template Builder to create a comprehensive template or assigned to subcontractors handling each component of AHU-2.

Despite having different configurations, by utilizing Template Builder, both AHU-1 and AHU-2 can be ensured to have a tailored checklist/test. This will avoid unnecessary “Not Applicable” (N/A) sections and promote precise, relevant checklists for every configuration.

The Template Builder is designed to make your workflow more efficient, helping you build comprehensive, customized templates with ease and precision.

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