Account-Level User Management – Customer Appreciation Summer

The next release in our customer appreciation summer is a real time-saver for those with large project portfolios. You can now select a user in the account area and add them to multiple projects simultaneously.


When adding users in this way you assign them a permission preset. This works well with custom permission presets, a feature we released during last year’s Customer Appreciation Summer. Synergy! 😀

And don’t worry, CxAlloy TQ only sends a single email to the user when you add them to multiple projects in this way. You can even choose not to notify them at all by unchecking that option at the bottom left of the window.

Access this feature by going to Account → People, then clicking “Add” in the Projects subsection.

Summer Extension

You may have noticed that our Customer Appreciation Summer had a hiatus these past few weeks. Rest assured that it continues and will extend a bit to make up for the time off. Here are a few of the features we are getting ready as you read this:

  • Ability to convert a person to a contact instead of deleting them from the account.
  • Ability to update statuses via an Excel import.
  • An improved flow for renaming equipment via an Excel import.

See you next time!