Checklist Upgrade Now Available in Beta

We are happy to announce beta availability of the checklist upgrade!

The checklist upgrade replaces checklist sections with new “Group” pages and updated “Batch Add” and “Copy from Account” functions. In combination, these features give you more control of, and visibility into, your checklists while not losing any of the benefits you currently get with sections.

This brief video gives an overview of the changes you’ll see when upgrading a project.

Once a project is upgraded you’ll be able to do things that weren’t previously possible, such as:

  • Batch reassign all the checklists assigned to the Electrical Contractor.
  • Print the list or detail of all checklists assigned to the Mechanical Contractor.
  • View a single page containing all lines of all checklists with status “Incomplete”.
  • Customize the name of checklists you create through the “Batch Add” process.
  • And much more…

For all of the nitty-gritty details of the checklist upgrade, please read our Checklist Upgrade Guide.

What Do We Mean by “Beta”?

By beta we mean two things:

  • An organization must request access to the checklist upgrade and be added to the beta list before they are able to perform the upgrade.
  • Although we are not aware of any specific issues, there may be limitations or bugs during the beta period, and additional features may be added later.

If you are interested in upgrading your projects during the beta period, please contact us at

Other Improvements

This checklist upgrade launch was part of our version 4.21 release, which went out last weekend. The release included a handful of other features as well, including showing issues and files per-line in the checklist and test PDFs. Read the Release Notes for all of the updates.

Coming Up: Customer Appreciation Summer

We are incredibly grateful to you, our customers, and we want to not just tell you that, but show you. To that end, we are making this summer a “Customer Appreciation Summer”, during which we’ll be delivering as many of your most-requested features as we can.

All summer long we will be regularly releasing new features based entirely on the requests we have gotten from customers. Sometimes improvements addressing small frustrations get pushed back in lieu of big updates – this summer will be all about all those little annoyances (don’t worry, they’ll be some big ones too!). We think you’ll love it and we’ll share more details soon.