A Faster, Prettier, and Smarter Account Projects List

We recently released an update to the Account Projects List that makes it faster, prettier, and a little smarter.


One of the best parts of the account projects list is the ability to see each project’s dashboard right in the list. While this feature is pretty awesome, it could be less awesome for accounts with many large projects due to longer load times.

With this update the list loads immediately and the project dashboards load after. Now whether your account has one project or 100 the list shows up right away.


We’ve redesigned the dashboard tooltip to provide more information in an attractive visual format. You now get an easily scannable visual of the percentage breakdown between statuses along with specific counts and percentages for each status.


Lastly, we’ve made the list remember the last sorting option you selected and automatically use it the next time you view the list. No more changing the sort every time you load the page!