Account Company Search and Duplicate Company Detection – Customer Appreciation Summer Week 3

Generally speaking, we don’t enforce unique names across most sections of CxAlloy TQ. However, this has occasionally led to situations where users accidentally create duplicate entries for companies that already exist.

To address this problem, we have made it so that attempts to add a new company at the project level will default to using the existing account level entry when a duplicate is found.

Company Dropdown

On selection of an existing company, the form will change to update the existing entry instead of creating a new one.

Autofilled Update Form

Additionally, we’ve added the dropdown search that was already being implemented for the project People list to the Account people list as well.

Users can still add a new company with the same name as other existing companies by typing the name in the search dropdown and hitting the Enter/Return key without selecting an existing entry from the dropdown.

With this update, we hope to eliminate the addition of redundant company entries at both the project and account level, while still allowing multiple companies with the same name to exist if desired.