Account Export – Customer Appreciation Summer Week 8

This week’s feature in our Customer Appreciation Summer is for data geeks. You can now export key data – issues, checklists, and tests – from across all projects.


Unlike our project-based exports, which present the exported data similarly to how you see it in the software, these account exports are tailored more towards those looking for “raw data”.

For example, these exports include the numerical IDs that the software uses to uniquely identify each record. You’ll also notice that we split up the exports into their underlying pieces. Rather than a single test export, for example, there are instead three exports: Tests, Test Attempts, and Test Attempt Lines.

In keeping with the “raw data” approach of these exports, you can choose between CSV and SQLite formats. CSV (Comma Separated Values) is a simple spreadsheet format that will open in Excel and other spreadsheet programs, while SQLite is a common database format. You may need to download additional software to open the SQLite file.

When exporting to a SQLite file you will always receive a single file. When exporting to CSV you may receive multiple files if the export is large, as we have limited a single CSV file to 50,000 rows.

The exports are only available to account administrators and can be accessed under the new “Export” tab within your accounts.

See you next week!