Announcing New Checklists

CxAlloy is excited to announce a revamped approach to how we handle checklists. This upcoming change will give you greater control over creating, managing, and reporting on checklists.

Currently, checklists in CxAlloy are comprised of sections. While this allows for easier consolidation, it can often hinder your ability to effectively organize and report on checklists. Our new approach will aim to move away from checklists having sections by converting those sections into checklists themselves. By doing so we’ll be able to implement several new features that aren’t possible with the current system; specifically:

  • Allowing you to view and report on a list of only those checklist sections with a certain status or assignment. No more “Multiple Statuses”!
  • Allowing you to batch change the status or assignment of a set of checklist sections without having to change the status or assignment of other, unrelated checklist sections that happen to share the same parent checklist.
  • Simplified, more meaningful dashboard-level reporting.
  • An update of the batching system allowing the selection of multiple templates for a set of equipment, enabling you to create more than one checklist per equipment during the batch process.
  • Allowing the selection of multiple templates when copying to and from the account.
  • The creation of new “group” pages that show all the checklist sections for a given sort group on one page, and the subsequent printing of a given group page. For example, you could view all the checklist sections grouped under the “Mechanical” discipline on one page.

As we approach the release for this checklist rework, we’ll release several help articles to explain the specifics of the update, how to do some common tasks, and what you can do to prepare for these changes.

Importantly, conversion will be optional for existing projects, so the update won’t affect any ongoing work. On the other hand, if you want the new features you will be able to choose to convert existing projects on a project-by-project basis.

You can look forward to these improvements as we take the next few months to make this transition as smooth as possible. Keep a look out for more details, FAQs, and videos over the coming weeks and if you have any questions or concerns please get in touch at