Commenter Role and Company – Customer Appreciation Summer Week 8

Week 8 of our Customer Appreciation Summer adds the company and role of the author to comments, both on the web and in PDFs.

Comments now show the author’s role and company.

You’ll also see this information in the next release of the iOS app later this week. That update also features the “Include Asset Name” option when creating checklists and tests that we first rolled out on the web last week.

In addition, we’ve improved the presentation of field observation comments in the PDF to make it clearer which comment photos belong to.

It’s now clearer which comment photos belong to.

As a reminder, all of these features are based on feature requests at Although we focus on smaller features during the Customer Appreciation Summer, we are also working on many of the bigger requests. If you’ve added a request, made a comment, or just voted on the ones you want, thank you – your input there has been incredibly valuable to us.

We hope you like these updates and we’ll see you next week!