CxAlloy FM 2.0 Update

It’s been one week since we released CxAlloy FM 2.0! As exciting as it is to get this update out, I know that in the past week some of you discovered significant bugs or challenging lag with the update. We have been fixing these as quickly as we can, but I apologize for the rocky start. Although bugs are to be expected to some degree, there were more here than we anticipated. Thank you for your patience as we have worked to address them.

Here is a summary of the fixes we have made since the initial release:

  • Work order and work request creation and editing now works consistently.
  • For facilities that were loading slowly we have improved the performance significantly.
  • Due dates on scheduled work orders are now set to the actual due date instead of the creation date.
  • It is now much easier to see if a procedure line has been checked or not.
  • Editing a work order will no longer remove the associated procedure.
  • Filters in the sidebar will no longer overlap with each other.
  • We have updated the scary “Unknown Error” message to something more descriptive and less scary.

In addition to these we are also working on implementing some other feedback we have received. These include:

  • Additional performance improvements.
  • Including location information for a given equipment on the list and PDF.
  • Setting the initial value of labor hours to be blank instead of “1″.
  • Maintaining your selected filters after editing an item.

Please continue to let us know about any issues you are encountering or improvements you would like to see.

With the launch of 2.0 we are starting work on new features built on top of this foundation. Our roadmap over the next year includes new reports, importing and exporting, photo attachments for work requests, improved document management, and more. I hope you’ll look forward to these improvements.

We will be writing about these features on this blog as we develop them, as well as posting notices directly on CxAlloy FM.