CxAlloy TQ 2021 Roadmap

Our final webinar of 2020 was a roadmap of our plans for 2021 and a look back at what we released in 2020, including several features that we launched shortly before the webinar.

If you are a CxAlloy TQ user, you can watch the webinar right now on our training page by clicking the play button below, or read on for a brief synopsis.

CxAlloy TQ for Web

Throughout 2020 we focused on features that eliminated friction and administrative overhead in managing the data in your projects. From the many small improvements made during our third Customer Appreciation Summer to the major enhancement of pushing template changes – which allows you to update tens to hundreds of checklists or tests instantly, even when they’re partially completed – you can manage your work in CxAlloy TQ faster than ever.

At the end of the year we also made our markup and callouts feature available to all accounts, allowing you to draw on any image or PDF, and added signatures for those projects that require that extra layer of accountability.

CxAlloy TQ for iOS

Besides matching the markup and callouts, signatures, and other features that debuted on the web, the iOS app added new features all its own in 2020. From scanning labels so you don’t have to type in serial numbers to batch answering identical checklists and tests, the iOS app empowers you to be more efficient than ever before.

CxAlloy TQ for Windows

Finally, we released the beta of our Windows app. The Windows app represents a major step forward compared to our previous Chrome-based Windows solution, allowing offline access to multiple projects, adapting to any screen or window size, and featuring a more usable, modern interface. We have built it off of the same battle-tested sync backend as our iOS app so that you can be confident it will have the information you need when you need it.

You can download the Windows app today in the Windows store by clicking below.

English badge

We have big plans for the Windows app in 2021 as we work to bring it to full feature parity with our iOS app. Speaking of 2021…

Vision for 2021

In addition to the Windows app, we have two major initiatives planned for 2021: Custom Phases and Milestones. We believe both of these will greatly expand the ways in which CxAlloy TQ can be used to manage and monitor project progress, giving you greater flexibility in how you organize, report, and track your project data. You can watch the webinar video for more details on our plans for these features as well as information about other planned features.

Of course, we’ll release other, smaller features throughout 2021 as well, so please keep an eye on the blog for details as those roll out. We think 2021 is going to be a great year!