CxAlloy TQ February 2020 Release

We are pleased to announce the first CxAlloy TQ update of 2020! In this release we’ve made two important tools more useful: importing and the report generator. We’ve also added an export for project attributes and, of course, fixed some bugs.


New import options for issues include Issue Status, Assignment, and Asset.

We’ve made four key additions to the import capabilities of CxAlloy TQ. You can now:

  • Import issue and equipment status.
  • Import issue assignment and asset.
  • Import multiple systems for equipment and multiple zones for spaces.
  • Import areas served for equipment.

These are long-requested improvements that we are really excited to make available. They open up new flows for managing data in your project and reduce the amount of time it takes to set up large-scale projects with complex combinations of systems and locations.

These new import capabilities are available now, and we’ll provide a deeper dive into how they work in an upcoming blog post.

Report Generator

Many more options are available for each section in the Report Generator.

We have greatly expanded the filtering options available for each section. Each section (issues, checklists, tests, etc.) now includes all or most of the same filters as that section’s list view. For example, when adding the “Construction Issues” section, you can now filter by:

  • Status
  • Priority
  • Source
  • Discipline
  • Location
  • Asset
  • Area Served

Even better, you can select multiple options for each of these filters, just like you can on the list page.

These filters create new possibilities for the reports you create. For example, you can now create a final report for just one building in a multi-building project – just filter each section to that specific building. Or, create a system- or discipline-specific report. There are a lot of options – literally!

To accommodate all these new filters we’ve expanded the options window to a two-column view with sorting and filtering on the left and format options on the right.

We’ll outline all the new options and some ways to use them in an upcoming blog post.

Attributes Export and Bug Fixes

This release also adds an “Export” button to the attributes list in both project settings and account settings.

You can now export project and account attributes.

As always, let us know how we can help you at and let us know what other features we should be adding at