CxAlloy TQ Version 4

It’s finally here. Version 4 of CxAlloy TQ is now live!

We’ve been working diligently on the latest version of our CxAlloy Total Quality software and have now released it publicly. This is an exciting day for us at CxAlloy! This new version combines all the great features and benefits of version 3 with a whole lot of new features. New technologies have allowed us to again raise the bar on what quality management is all about.

What’s the same? We’ve kept the transparency and simplicity. Those things will never change. But we’ve updated a lot of the features you’ve come to enjoy, based on your feedback. Here’s a taste of what’s changed:

Notifications. Some folks like to get notified of every single change in their project. Some don’t want any emails at all. We’ve listened and devised a strategy to accommodate all preferences. Now each account user has a personal profile section that allows customized notification options. These options include immediate email notifications about all changes in a project or summarized daily emails of activity. You can change the frequency, the project, and even specific items of interest.

Offline Compatibility. Our software works well on a tablet, but there are times when you don’t have good Internet connections. To mitigate this we developed a mobile application that enables you to continue working in the database when Internet is not available. Just download your project to your mobile device while you are connected to the Internet. The ability to continue entering and accessing data is seamless whether connected or not. And the best part is the synchronization happens automatically the next time you are connected to the Internet. No interruptions, it just happens.

Customizations. When we first began developing CxAlloy TQ we met with industry professionals and made some big decisions about data organization. We then incorporated those decisions into CxAlloy TQ. Some of those organizational elements included issue statuses, report names, and permission levels. Over the past year, we revisited these options and decided to allow organizations to customize CxAlloy TQ more to fit their own needs. We believe this will allow even more groups to start enjoying the benefits of our quality management platform. We still believe in providing this structure, which we call, “sensible defaults.” However, account holders now have the option to customize CxAlloy TQ to best fit their internal quality process.