CxAlloy Was Not Affected by “Heartbleed” Security Vulnerability

You may have heard about a significant internet security vulnerability, named “Heartbleed”, that was disclosed on Tuesday, April 8. CxAlloy products, including CxAlloy TQ and CxAlloy FM, were not affected by this vulnerability.

The security vulnerability affected OpenSSL, a common component of secure browser connections and one in use by many internet sites. Affected sites could potentially be compromised to expose user data, including passwords or other sensitive information.

While CxAlloy does use OpenSSL as part of providing our secure connections, we do not use a version of the software that contained the vulnerability.

Although CxAlloy data was not exposed by this bug, other sites’ data may have been. If you use the same password across multiple sites, your password may have been exposed elsewhere. For that reason you may want to reset your password on CxAlloy TQ and CxAlloy FM.

CxAlloy TQ Password Reset

CxAlloy FM Password Reset