Dropping iOS 14 Support in the CxAlloy iOS App

The CxAlloy iOS app will drop support for iOS 14 starting with version 6.8 of the iOS app. If you are running iOS 14, version 6.8 of the app and future app updates will not be available until you update your device to iOS 15. This does not prevent you from using earlier versions of the app – versions of the app prior to 6.8 will continue working and syncing just as they do today. However bug fixes and new features released in future app updates will not be available until you update your device to iOS 15.

We encourage all users of the iOS app to update to iOS 15 for the best experience now and to experience upcoming features. All devices that support iOS 14 can be updated to iOS 15. For information on how to update iOS please see Apple’s support article.

Additional Background

In this case we are dropping support for iOS 14 earlier than we usually would. The primary driver is a bug in iOS 14 that causes the scroll position to jump when answering checklists and tests that we have not been able to resolve despite several weeks of effort. That bug manifested when we adopted a new technical architecture from Apple. If you’ve been frustrated by that bug please know that we have been working diligently to find a resolution.

After we worked for several weeks to resolve the bug without success we felt we had two choices: revert back to the previous architecture or continue with the new architecture and drop iOS 14 support. In this case the new technical architecture is required for us to implement upcoming features – features that are significant and highly requested – so we made the decision to drop support for iOS 14 earlier than we otherwise would. We’ll have more to share on these new features in the coming weeks.