Field Observation Comments and Updated Exports – Customer Appreciation Fall Update

When you’re walking into work against a cold wind with your jacket drawn tightly around you, your hands in your pockets to stay warm, it may seem like summer is in the distant past, so I understand if you’ve forgotten about our Customer Appreciation Summer. If you haven’t, though, you may have noticed that a couple of planned updates didn’t get announced.

Well, our final features proved a bit more challenging so they had to get moved to “Customer Appreciation Fall” 🍁 We snuck two updates out over the past month that I’m sure you’ll be interested in. Luckily our customer appreciation doesn’t change with the seasons!

Field Observation Comment Photos

The first feature addresses what may be one of our oldest outstanding feature requests – the ability to update photos on field observation comments. You can now add a photo to an existing field observation comment, change the photo on an existing comment, or remove the photo from a comment. Thank goodness!


We also have made it possible to reorder your field observation comments simply by dragging and dropping them.

The same comment photo features are already in the iOS app and comment reordering will be in the next update.

Export Updates

We’ve also gone through and updated all of our exports. Many exports now include more information than they did previously, and they all now have the following improvements:

  • Header rows have a background color
  • When it makes sense, multiple worksheets are used. For example, exporting a test will put each attempt into its own worksheet.
  • Columns will be auto-sized to match the maximum width of the column’s content
  • Clickable links to the original item are provided when possible
  • Dates will be formatted as dates (and values that are not dates but look like dates won’t be incorrectly formatted as dates)

We’ve learned from your feedback that exporting and then importing checklists, tests, and templates is a common task and we wanted to improve that experience. Now when importing you can select the specific worksheet that contains just the lines, which in turn provides an improved flow with how our import operates.

Area Served Filtering and Sorting

Finally, just today we added filtering and sorting by Area Served for checklists, tests, and issues. Area Served has proven to be pretty important for some customers’ workflows and we anticipate this will make it even more useful for those folks.

We hope you enjoy these updates. Summer may be over but we’re still working to make CxAlloy TQ the best it can be. Until next time, stay warm out there!