Introducing Meetings and Tasks

It’s finally here. Today we are rolling out our new Meetings and Tasks sections to all accounts and users.


We want you to be able to use CxAlloy TQ to track and manage all of your commissioning work, and meetings was a large hole that we knew (and you told us) we needed to plug.

Our ambition with Meetings is to give you a fully featured, easy to use, and powerful solution for tracking the issues, tasks, and discussions that happen as part of a meeting.

The heart of Meetings is the Agenda and Minutes, both of which allow you to combine freeform text with issues and tasks. New issues and tasks can be easily created and existing issues and tasks can be referenced. Of course you can format the text as well, including bulleted and numbered lists.

There’s more to meetings such as tracking Distribution and Attendance, easy emailing to the distribution list, PDF reports, draft functionality, and more. You can learn all about the features in Meetings in our extensive Help documentation.


Tasks are to-dos for your project and provide the perfect place to track many of the activities that need to get completed as part of the job but aren’t issues. Tasks can be anything from coordinating schedules to arranging food for the topping out party.

Tasks have been purposefully designed to be simple and lightweight. For example, unlike issues, tasks can be added directly to the Task list. You can learn much more about Tasks in our Help section.

Attend Our Meetings and Tasks Webinar

Join us on Thursday, January 26 or Friday, January 27 for a special Meetings and Tasks webinar where we will walk through all of the new functionality, answer your questions, and get your feedback on how we can make these new features even better. Register here.