iOS Update: Version 7.1 Out Now

The year might be coming to a close, but we’re still hard at work on CxAlloy TQ updates. We’re excited to fill you in on the new features that were released with our iOS update. Version 7.1 is here – so what does this mean for you? This update includes multiple new navigation functions, like, collapsible headers, filtering updates and more. Below is a full breakdown of each feature: 

Navigation Features

Version 7.1 of the app includes multiple new features in Checklists and Tests that make navigating long forms easier. New features can be found in our new navigation menu when the app is full-screen on an iPad. In situations with less space, such as iPhone, features will be consolidated into the existing action menu.

  • Jump to Header
    If the form is separated with header lines, you can scroll any header quickly by using the Jump to Header action.
  • Jump to Line
    This feature allows you to type in any line number to quickly navigate to that line.
  • Collapsible Headers
    You can now tap on individual headers to collapse the lines under them. Tap again to reveal the lines. You can also select “Collapse All Headers” in the navigation menu to roll up all lines under their respective headers. “Expand All Headers” does the opposite.
  • Filter Lines
    If you want to only see checklist and test lines that have a specific criteria, you now have the ability to filter lines. You can hide lines based on type, status, and whether it has issues or files. There’s also the option to always show headers while filtering lines.


To scroll a checklist or test quickly, you can use iOS’ built-in fast scrolling feature. Simply tap and hold on the scrollbar and, after a moment, it’ll get thicker to indicate that you can then drag the scrollbar for a much faster scrolling experience.

Keyboard Shortcuts

For keyboard users, we’ve added keyboard shortcuts for our navigation features. Hold down the command button (⌘) while viewing a checklist or test to see the list of keyboard shortcuts available.

Do you have questions about the 7.1 iOS release? Or, do you have suggestions for new features? You can always reach out via email