Meet Our New iOS App


We’re excited to announce the CxAlloy TQ iOS app, available on the Apple App Store!

CxAlloy TQ for iPhone and iPad focuses on delivering great offline functionality. Create field observations and issues, respond to existing issues, complete checklists, add photos, and view related photos and files. All without an internet connection!

For the first time we now support the iPhone in addition to the iPad. Using the power of these devices the app enables you to work quickly and efficiently.

In addition to these fundamental features, which are also available in our previous offline version, the iOS version features many improvements. These include:

  • Multiple project download
  • Automatic sync with configurable sync interval
  • “Sync Now” button
  • Multitasking support – leave the app and come back without losing your place
  • Project dashboard
  • Download and view related photos and files for issues and checklists
  • Improved performance

We think you’ll like it.

Get it on the App Store

Android and Windows Support

The mobile offline app that you have been using for the past year will continue to be vital to us, as it works across Windows and Android devices, and many of our customers use Windows and Android devices in the field. With the release of the iOS app, we are rebranding the previous app as “CxAlloy TQ for Chrome”. Going forward CxAlloy TQ for Chrome will focus exclusively on working via the Chrome browser across Windows and Android.

Functional Tests and Upcoming Updates

The iOS app does not currently support functional tests. Our next big update, coming before the fall, will add functional tests.

We will be updating the app regularly – we’ve already released several minor updates since our soft launch two months ago.

Mobile is Key

In the long term we believe that our mobile products will become only more important. They will be where our customers spend much of their time and where some of the most critical work is done. This app is another stone in the foundation we are building to support that future.