Pull Template Changes – Customer Appreciation Summer Week 4

This week we’ve got something really great – a major expansion of the Push Changes feature we rolled out late last year.

Push Changes allows you make edits to a template, such as adding lines or editing questions, and then “push” those changes to the checklists or tests that were created from that template.

With this release you can now also “pull” changes, meaning you can bring a checklist or test up to date with its associated template directly from the checklist or test. You can even select multiple checklists or tests in a list and “pull” changes to all of them.

Even better, we now show information about the associated template directly on the checklist and test page. This makes it easy to know when a checklist or test differs from the template it was created from and also provides a convenient link to that template.

You can now easily see whether a checklist or test differs from its associated template.

Prior to this release we also expanded push changes to allow pushing from account templates. The sum of these releases is a complete picture for pushing and pulling changes, allowing a checklist or test to be brought up to date with its associated template, regardless of whether it’s a project or account template and whether you are starting from the template or the checklist or test.

We hope you like this feature. See you next week!

One note: pushing and pulling changes are limited to upgraded accounts.