Reports for Everyone!

CxAlloy has always featured amazing reports. In particular, our report generator, perhaps our most powerful reporting capability, could save you enormous amounts of time by combining all your project content and outputting it as a single, organized, bookmarked PDF.

Because the report generator is so impressive, we almost always demonstrate it in our webinars and other presentations. However, until a few days ago, the report generator itself was part of our premium features. Premium features were optional and added an additional charge, which was frustrating to many of our customers.

So we changed it! Today the report generator is included in every project at no additional charge. To celebrate this change and to help those who may not be familiar with the power of the report generator, we will be hosting a special webinar on Thursday, May 28 at 2:00 PM Eastern focused solely on the report generator. You can register to attend here.

You will find the report generator under the “Reports” tab in your projects. You can also read an overview of our reporting features, including the report generator, on our website.

White Labeling

What does this mean for premium features? We have replaced our premium features with one of its former members, “White Labeling.” White labeling allows you to substitute the logo on the site and in the footer of the PDFs with your own company logo.

Recent Updates

In addition to opening up the report generator for everyone, our latest release added a new look for issue and field observation comments, improvements to the display of custom logos, and multiple recipients for receipts.

We also made some behind-the-scenes changes to how we handle image and file uploads. These upgrades will increase the quality of embedded PDFs in the reports you create, and have made it possible to embed non-PDF files (such as Word and Excel files) into your reports. The ability to embed non-PDF files is currently in beta.

These are just the changes in our most recent release. We’ve had multiple releases since the beginning of the year, including:

  • View the percentage of lines answered for checklists and tests and include this information in your PDF reports.
  • Improved performance, better searching, and additional sorts for checklist and test pages.
  • Improvements to including external files in the report generator, including title pages, bookmarks, and the ability to embed all files in a folder.
  • Added “Set Status of All Sections” and “Assign All Sections” buttons to checklists.
  • Added paging to issues in field observations and reviews to improve performance for very large reports.
  • Added dedicated import for systems and equipment types (making it possible to import attribute information for them).
  • Color, contrast, and style improvements.

You can see these updates and more in our release notes.Reports for Everyone!