Select Specific Items in the Report Generator – Customer Appreciation Summer Week 9

For Week 9 of Customer Appreciation Summer we’ve added new report generator options to select specific items for a section, such as specific equipment, checklists, issues, and so forth.

You can now choose specific items as an alternative to filters

Selecting specific items is an alternative to filters; you can’t combine the two. The interface reflects this with a toggle that allows you to switch between the two options.

For tests we’ve done something special. The list of tests is actually a list of all attempts, allowing you to cherry-pick specific attempts to include. For example, you could select just Attempt No. 2 out of three total attempts. The resulting report would then only show Attempt No. 2 for that test. In addition, only issues, photos, files, and callouts related to Attempt No. 2 (or the overall test) would be included.

Tests give you the option to can select specific attempts

With these new options you are able to build reports that just weren’t possible previously. We hope you like it!