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Work faster and smarter with CxAlloy TQ for iPhone and iPad

On an Android or Windows device?

What It Is

Built from the ground up for offline use, CxAlloy TQ for iPhone and iPad enables you to stay productive while out in the field. Automatic sync and native performance means CxAlloy TQ for iPhone and iPad lets you finish your work faster than ever before.

On Android or Windows?

Check out the tablet version for Chrome.

Why You Should Get It

Stop duplicating work.

Go offline when you go out on the job and sync your data back. Eliminate error-prone transcribing and minimize mistakes by keeping the original data of what actually happened.

Digital data is more powerful.

Paper has its limits. Get the full value out of your work with digital data. Link, export, and report easily on the data you gather in the field.

What’s New?

  • iOS 11

    Enjoy multitasking and superior performance.

  • Better Syncing

    Set automatic sync frequency or sync changes manually.

  • iPhone and iPad

    Works great on both iPhone and iPad.

  • Download files

    Download related files and open in other applications.

  • Dashboard

    Easily view overall project progress.

  • Multiple projects

    Download all your projects and stay offline longer.

How It Works

  1. 1 Download the application.

    Search for ‘CxAlloy’ in the iTunes App Store or download the Android and Windows version.

  2. 2 Download your projects.

    Before you go offline, be sure to download your data to your device!

  3. 3 Get to work!

    Now that your data is downloaded, take your data anywhere, even offline.

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