Attach Files to Checklist and Test Lines

You can now attach files to checklist and test lines! We know that many of you have wanted to be able to more precisely link files to the specific line they relate to, and now you can!

Files attached to lines are still shown in the overall “Files” section of the checklist or test. If a file comes from a specific line we indicate that on the file, including a link to scroll you directly to the line it comes from.

On mobile, files attached to lines will be available in the “Files” section of the checklist or test. It is not yet possible to attach files to lines in our mobile apps. We are working on an update to the iOS app that will add this functionality.

This update is part of our 4.18 release, which includes a few other small additions including a fun one (what could it be? 🤔). You can read the details in our release notes.

iOS Support Site

We recently rolled out a new support site, The new site provides several advantages; search is perhaps the most important. With this new site we will be continually updating and expanding our support content. Our first update is the addition of iOS support documentation, which you can find here.

In Case You Missed It

Our prior release, 4.17, added several new features including the ability to attach files to meetings. Read the release notes.