Big Little Changes – CxAlloy TQ App Update

We’ve released version 3.10 of the iOS app which includes features suggested by attendees of our CxAlloy User Conference in November plus a couple of things that we’ve been working on for a while.

Customer requested features


Tappable URLs in checklist and test lines – When you add a URL to a checklist or test line, the app will convert the URL to a link. Tapping the link will open the URL in Safari. The same functionality is coming to the web version as well.


Quick user logout – The bottom of the project list displays the currently logged in user. You can tap on this label to quickly log out without having to go to the app’s Settings.


Sync just one project – If you want to sync just one project instead of all of them at once, you can do so by swiping left on a downloaded project and tapping the sync button.

Faster line details


We’ve tweaked how we show line options. Previously when you tapped a line the options would open up below the line. Now we show them in a “popover” above the line. We made this change because it makes scrolling long tests and checklists much smoother (due to complicated technical reasons). Happily the feedback from early users was that they also liked the “popover” better than the old way.

Stepping into the background

In addition to these features suggested by our users (thanks, y’all!), we’ve included a new feature of our own. Now, after you tap on a project to download it, you no longer need to keep the app open in order for the download to complete. Background project downloading required us to make some significant changes to our server’s sync architecture and we’ll be announcing some exciting new features built on this new download framework in the coming months. Keep an eye on this space!

Big little changes

Some small changes can have big impacts. Being able to click a link in a checklist or test line is a small feature on paper, but opens up new possibilities for your checklists and tests. Likewise, showing some buttons above a line in a “popover” instead of below the line is barely noticeable, but dramatically improves scrolling performance. And background project downloading is a small improvement day-to-day, but represents a new frontier we can explore to ensure your data in the app and on the server is always available and up-to-date.