CxAlloy FM 2.1 – Overhauled Reports, Improved Small Screen Experience, and New Billing Options

This weekend we released version 2.1 of CxAlloy FM. This is a substantial update that introduces a totally new reports interface, significant improvements when using CxAlloy FM on a phone or tablet screen, and the addition of credit card billing.

A New Reports Interface

Probably the most important update for our users is the new Reports interface. We designed the new interface to make it more obvious what information you can expect to get from a report and to give you more flexibility in what the report includes and how it is grouped.

Instead of our previous fixed list of predetermined reports you can now “build your own” report. First you choose what you want to report on – work orders, labor hours, work requests, or equipment. You then can choose how to group and sort that information, what time period to report on, and any filters you want to apply.

As before, when you run the report it will be shown in the browser with the option to create a PDF. Charts will automatically be created based on the choices you made.


Small Screen Improvements

One of the reasons for the redesign of CxAlloy FM that we launched late last year was to allow the interface to work better on tablet and phone-sized screens. With version 2.1 we are making good on that plan and have updated many of the pages to adapt to small screens. For example, when viewing a list of work orders, work requests, equipment, etc. on a smaller screen the filters are called up by clicking a new “Filters” button rather than taking up limited screen space in the sidebar.


We’ve made many other changes throughout the software to better accommodate small screens. And the new reports interface is designed to work on small screens, too!

Credit Card Billing

Perhaps a less important feature for our users (but pretty important for us!) is that we have added credit card billing. This is an important milestone in our effort to grow the software and part of our larger plan to build a better CxAlloy FM.

Tweaked Access Levels

As we worked on credit card billing we saw some holes in our access levels and some potential confusion in how they are named. As a result we have renamed the “User” facility access level to “Technician”. We also added an additional access level in the account, the “Facility Manager”.