Functional Tests and Future iOS App Updates

Our mobile apps continue to be a point of focus for us, and in that vein I’d like to share with you some recent and upcoming updates.

In late September, we released version 1.5 of the iOS app, which added functional tests. Functional tests on iOS feature the same extensive functionality of our checklists. In addition to filling out a test, the app allows you to make in-the-field modifications, including creating new test attempts and editing, deleting, creating, and reordering test lines. Of course, just as with checklists, you can create issues from test lines and attach photos.

All of this functionality is available offline, and the changes you make will sync up to the server the next time you connect to the internet with the app.

Going forward, we have several updates on our roadmap. Our next feature release will feature some great improvements to new issue creation. First, you’ll be able to attach photos to an issue while creating the issue. Second, we are bringing the convenience of our “field locking” feature to mobile to make creating multiple issues quick and painless.


After that release we are going to take some time to work on some low-level improvements to our sync engine to make sure your time with the app is always solid and worry free.

Finally, our first feature release in 2015 will be a big one: we will be adding a dedicated section to view and update equipment data. We think there are some awesome things we can do on a mobile device with equipment and we look forward to telling you more about it in the coming months.