Better Visibility into Checklist and Test Progress

Today’s release is headlined by a highly-requested feature: the ability to see, at a glance, the progress of your checklists or tests.

A small progress bar now appears next to checklists and tests. Green is the percentage of lines marked “Yes”. Red is the percentage of lines marked “No”. And black is the percentage marked “N/A”.

Previously the only way to to get this information was to look at each checklist or test and scan the answers yourself. We think this new approach is a huge improvement. We thank all of our customers that requested it!

Today’s release includes a number of other improvements as well. Many of these improvements we are initially rolling out to checklists and tests but will come to other sections later on.

Additional Sorts. You can now sort checklists and tests by any asset type (Equipment, Equipment Type, System, Space, Floor, Zone, and Building).

Custom Status Sort. Sorting by status will now sort in the order defined in your project settings, not alphabetically.

Improved Performance. We’ve done a lot of work to increase the speed of checklist and test page loads, especially on larger projects.

Improved Search. The search functionality for checklists and tests has been improved and expanded. Searching for multiple words will now treat each word as a separate search term, and you can exclude a term by putting a “-” in front of it. To search for an exact phrase (the default behavior of the previous search), put your search in quotes.

Layout Changes. A new layout for the checklist and test lists gives us room for the new progress bars, but it also addresses complaints about names being truncated. We’ve also moved the “Note” button for checklist and test lines to the left, next to the “Add Issue” button.

Increased Contrast. We’ve darkened up the text in some spots and made our colors a little brighter.

Bug Fixes

  • We’ve fixed a bug where the undo function would sometimes fail.
  • We have replaced the 1000 per page option with 500. We also have switched those that still had the legacy “All” setting over to 500.
  • When clicking “Note” for a line that has a linked attribute, focus will now be placed in the attribute field.
  • We’ve improved the issue export function to include more data.