More Easily Integrate External Files into Reports and Other Great Additions

We’ve just rolled out an update that makes several improvements to our report generator, along with other additions.

First, we’ve added a new Folder section. This new section will allow you to easily add a folder of PDF files to your report. You might have a “Meeting Minutes” folder containing PDFs of your meeting minutes. Or, perhaps you have a “TAB” folder containing all the TAB reports. The new Folder section will allow you to easily include these documents in your report without having to select each file individually.

We also updated the report generator so that Custom Title Page and File sections will be bookmarked. We have also added a title page (with the ability to specify a custom title and subtitle) for the File section.

Another time-saving addition is the ability to restrict a status as part of your project defaults. Previously a status could only be restricted once a project was created, meaning that you had to remember to go in and restrict any statuses every time you created a new project. Now you can specify the status permissions in your project defaults. Currently this is limited to restricting to “Owner, Co-Owner, and Manager”.

This release features two more crowd-pleasing changes: field observation comments now sort in ascending order instead of descending order, and when adding someone to a project you can choose whether to subscribe them to daily digest emails for that project.

Of course, this release includes the usual small improvements and other bug fixes. You can read more in our release notes.