Get Visibility into Your Commissioning Projects

Why use CxAlloy TQ for your commissioning projects? Because right now you are blind.

You email checklists to the contractor or send out an issues log. You don’t know when they are being filled out, if they are being filled out, or who is filling them out. You don’t know if the issues are being addressed. When you finally do get some checklists back or an updated issues log with responses, you don’t know if those were thrown together that morning or if they happened a week ago.

It doesn’t have to be this way. CxAlloy TQ can provide transparency about what’s happening on your project. It can give visibility into project progress in real-time.

Turn Back Time

Every action in your project is recorded. Who did it, when they did it, and what they did. Every issue created, comment edited, and status changed. Everything. This detailed tracking allows you to know exactly when a checklist is completed and by whom. It lets you see not only an issue as it is today, but how it started, and every modification along the way.

This information isn’t just buried at the bottom of reports, either. It also powers our email notifications which can alert you the moment an important change happens.

This level of information, recorded as it happens, changes how team members approach the project. It engages them to respond promptly, and communicates the momentum of the project.


Be All Knowing

Does the thought of the project owner asking for a comprehensive status report fill you with dread? Do you have to “reconcile” and “compile” your reports? These are common activities at many commissioning firms that can take tremendous amounts of time. They represent an effort to cut through the fog around the project to have at least a temporary view of where things stand.

CxAlloy TQ flips this approach on its head. Rather than operating most of the time without a clear picture of progress, CxAlloy TQ enables ongoing visibility into project status. Reporting is no longer about reconciling and compiling, but instead becomes merely about capturing a snapshot of the project at that moment in time. With our comprehensive reporting tools, generating that snapshot is easy and quick.

Learn More

Project visibility is just one of the many benefits of using CxAlloy TQ. If you’d like to learn more, please visit or contact us at