CxAlloy TQSM

Commissioning software that integrates with BIM

Increase Value by Improving Quality

CxAlloy uses lessons learned from the past twenty years of commissioning to provide a safe and secure tool that raises the bar of quality consulting. Issue management, building verification, and asset tracking are restructured and retooled to provide enhanced levels of service beyond what was previously possible.
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Enable project stakeholders to see project status in real-time at any given moment. Keep all project team members aware of commissioning activities through automatic email notifications.

Create a well-organized set of electronic or digital documentation of field activities to hand over to the owner, operator, and facility manager at substantial completion.


Use business intelligence to enable management to make more informed decisions about the project with personnel, contractors, subcontractors, and vendors and across projects and regions.

Measure performance with facts and benchmark performance against quantifiable metrics. Identify the lowest performing parties so that appropriate action can be taken.


Implement permission-based workflows that ensure issues, checklists, tests, and equipment are reviewed by the appropriate team members before close out. Centralize project information to eliminate duplicate work, lost issues, version conflicts, and other pitfalls of management by spreadsheets.

Complete commissioning information more naturally as you work in the office or in the field. Streamline communication and make more informed decisions throughout the project.


Go above and beyond by delivering completed equipment data sheets in PDF, spreadsheet, or COBie format for owners to import into their CMMS or other software. Deliver professional, consistent PDF reports to project stakeholders.

Provide the full value of your commissioning work in a final commissioning report PDF, including automatically generated bookmarks, embedded documents, and internal links.

Save Time, Save Money

Commissioning practices can be optimized using CxAlloy’s proven technology. This lets you spend more time with clients, and less time managing spreadsheets.

Time savings with CxAlloy TQ

A comparison between traditional commissioning practices and with CxAlloy TQ in labor hours

Based on average project size of 125,000 square feet.


CxAlloy was designed for the end user. Batch editing allows you to make bulk changes to multiple items at once. You can generate and distribute reports with the click of a button.

  • Generate hundreds or even thousands of checklists or tests within seconds.
  • Create sleek PDF reports with bookmarks, pagination, embedded files, and hyperlinks with no additional work.
  • Import BIM data from design programs and get started with fully populated, structured data.


Improved communication methods result in critical savings and reduce unnecessary time spent waiting for information. With automatic notifications, everyone is kept in the loop. False starts are also minimized by clear asset readiness.

  • View day-by-day progress in the activity feed to ensure everyone knows what’s happening.
  • Eliminate confusion with complete audit history for every item.
  • Clarify project completion with status lists for issues, checklists, tests, and equipment.

Data Capture

Save hundreds of labor hours by completing checklists and tests, responding to issues, and generating field reports digitally from the field. This eliminates the need for manual transcription or copying and pasting.

Equipment data captured in checklists and tests are automatically associated with the equipment record, enabling fully completed equipment data sheets with no additional work. You can export data in the industry-standardized COBie format for effortless migration into CMMS systems and other software.

Mitigate Risk

CxAlloy helps you manage risk on all of your projects by standardizing the commissioning process. Required datasets, master templates, and workflows keep you on track with consistent project delivery.
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Risk Awareness

  • Make timely decisions proactively and avoid issues on the jobsite.
  • Ensure secure audit-ability, with date/time and author stamps, to practice the legal standard or duty of care.
  • Centralize field-related records and documents for processes such as work lists, field reports, QA/QC, safety inspections, and more in a master repository to search and archive during construction and post-construction.

Risk Avoidance

  • Create a secure audit trail for project stakeholders across activities to drive accountability.
  • Reduce project-based risk and corporate risk across many projects through enhanced communication, improved productivity, and measured visibility.
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